Zumba Classes in Zachary Louisiana

Zumba Classes – Making Fitness Fun in Zachary

Zumba Classes in Zachary

Zumba Classes in Zachary

Zumba Classes are the latest exercise craze takes hold in Zachary

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People who have never exercised are dancing their way to fitness and enjoying every minute.

The essence of Zumba Classes are that they are designed for fun first and fitness second.

Zumba Fitness, which owns the Zumba trademark, describes Zumba as an “exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness party.”

The Zumba craze began in the mid-1990s, when Alberto “Beto” Perez, a fitness instructor in Cali, Colombia, forgot his traditional music for an aerobics class and ended up improvising with Latin tapes he had in his backpack. The program was an instant hit.

In 2001, Perez brought the concept to Miami and with two entrepreneurs created Zumba Fitness and the program they describe as “exercise in disguise.”

Zumba Classes in Zachary

Most people in Zachary sees Zumba Classes as a fun way to work out.

“I have to make myself go to the gym,” a participant in Zachary said. “But Zumba Fitness is not like exercise, it’s like a party with your friends.”

The critical element to the program is the Latin and international music. The rhythms motivate people and make them want to come back to the classes.

Most people that take Zumba Classes in Zachary find the classes different from any dance classes she they have tried. Not every Zumba dancer has a slim dancer’s body. There are all body types and all ages.

All Zachary Zumba Class instructors are certified by Zumba Fitness and continually receive new music and dance routines.

The instructor have the liberty to vary the music and vary the beat and continually, on a monthly basis, vary the program. That’s why Zumba continues to flourish and not be a fad.

Places in Zachary offers four different Zumba programs — Zumba for participants over 16, Zumba Gold for active older participants, Zumbatomic for kids 4-12 and Aqua Zumba, known as the “Zumba pool party. Prices vary according to the number of classes participants take each week.

Most people that take Zumba Classes in Zachary describe it as, “not your typical kickboxing class or step aerobics class.”

“It’s easy for any level of fitness,” said one participant. “A beginner or someone who has exercised for years can take the same class. It’s so different and fun.”

Most Zumba Classes have between 25 and 30 students at each session.

In speaking with one of the Zachary Louisiana instructors she said, “It’s definitely a great creative outlet.”  In the 2 years she has been teaching Zumba Classes, she has had “major success stories.”

“One person lost 30 pounds in two months,” she said.

Another instructor believes Zumba works because anyone can do it.

“People modify it to make it easier,” she said. “And people modify it to take it up a notch.”

It is this fun nature of Zumba Classes in Zachary that has made Zumba one of the most popular fitness classes in Zachary

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